Simpson’s Eggs begun in 1925 by Z.K Simpson with just a few hens in his family’s back yard. Even though it was not called Simpson’s Eggs at the time, Grandpa Zed enjoyed traveling door to door in his Model T Ford selling eggs to his friends and neighbors. By the 1940′s, he was recognized in the “500 Hen Club” and made the trek to Charlotte to market the eggs. From his devotion a business was born and a family came together to work the farm. Sons Earl, Ray, and Leroy raised their own hens and sold the eggs upon their dad, Z.K and his wife, Arrie, retiring, in 1969.

In 1961, Leroy Simpson, one of Z.K’s sons and his wife Nell turned an old chicken house into an egg room to continue the business as L.R. Simpson’s Poultry Farm.

Growth and the need for additional space led to a move in the early 1980′s . With continued new technology and expansion, a state of the art facility was built in 1996 to accommodate the family owned business.

Three generations have joined Simpson’s Eggs since Grandpa Zed started the business. In 1959, Leory began A amp; P warehouse deliveries in Charlotte and by 1962, trucks were running deliveries to individual grocery stores.  Leroy’s eldest son, Richard, studied Business Administration at returned to the business to facilitate marketing that increased sales and production. Upon graduation from the NC State, Richard’s son, Alex, came home to use and began using his Agriculture degree to help manage a growing farm.

With continued progress, the most recent renovations to the plant where completed in 2010. Simpson’s Eggs believes strongly in giving back and has been recognized for it’s efforts to support it’s surrounding community.